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We’ve worked with more than 1000 accounting firms worldwide, so we understand the pain points those in the industry face. And in turn – as the preferred global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry – we hold ourselves to the highest standards by partnering with team members to grow their careers. Our outsourced accounting professionals are highly skilled, career-oriented and growth savvy. The convergence of their career paths and your business objectives is the collective brilliance we live for.


The TOA Global team has strong written, verbal and presentation skills. A can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is extremely important, and we supplement skills with professional development and training at our Ab² Institute of Accounting. TOA Global uses the latest smart hiring techniques to find top talent, then we invest heavily in ensuring that we offer an outstanding place to work, for clients and team members alike. See what firms in the accounting industry are saying about using offshore, remote staff to increase their billable hours and deliver better client service.

TOA Global is set apart from other outsourcing companies, built by a firm owner with first-hand experience running a multi-service accounting firm. TOA Global is a leading global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, dedicated to helping you scale efficiently in every phase of your business cycle with our highly-skilled outsourced accountants. TOA Global provides dedicated outsourced accounting talent to over 800 international firms in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, the accounting industry are the only clients we serve. As a global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, we are a people business at our core. This is why we get to know every member of our talented outsourced accounting team.

Meet Andrew Galang – SMSF Accountant at TOA Global

Safe, high-tech, and pleasing workspaces, plus high caliber education and to further knowledge and career paths. Grow with international accounting teams while you stay close to family and friends at home. Our people are curious, ambitious, committed and career-forward. They’re also passionate about their clients, their team members and communities, so team building and fun-filled events are an opportunity to bolster and inspire the collective brilliance we’ve come to be known for.


Armed now with knowledge of the pitfalls and mistakes accounting firm owners may encounter as they consider a global accounting outsourcing strategy, and knowing how to avoid them. As a result, other accounting firms wanted to place their staff with Nick’s team, and TOA Global started to offer outsourced accounting services to clients in the industry. In just a few months, the TOA Global team had grown to 103 team members serving 29 accounting firms in Australia.

How does a better work-life balance retain top talent and prevent them from quiet quitting?

Nick Sinclair is deeply familiar with the importance of change in net working capital and the value they provide. In December 2013, he founded TOA Global to expand his own accounting and financial planning business. He established an outsourced accounting team in the Philippines and almost immediately saw the benefits. By outsourcing some of his accounting department, work was completed faster, with better attention to detail and more profitably. In April of 2014, Nick spoke at a roadshow about the benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines.

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Put big dreams, authenticity, the wow factor and exceptional individuals to work for you when you tap into the power of TOA Global talent solutions. Latest security protocol and platforms ensure the protection of clients and teams. Connecting clients and team members securely, from anywhere at any time.

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A supportive environment where they learn together with some of the best accountants keeps them attuned to industry changes, ready to do meaningful work in a growing range of roles. At TOA Global, our team members feel empowered to help drive growth in global accounting teams and in their own careers. We provide continuous support, oversight and upskilling, so you always have dedicated talent with the latest skills, knowledge and the efficiencies you need to grow your firm. Chartered Professional Accountants are on hand to support teams with finance, accounting and business management.

We know that to stay on top demands the latest skills, new knowledge and transformative insights. Instead of sending our outsourced accounting talent on a course or two, we created the Ab² Institute of Accounting. TOA Global’s Accelerator Program gives you the power to shape your accounting or bookkeeping career. Choose from our programs below for best-in-class training for international career growth. We look forward to exploring more questions like these at the TOA Global Big Breakfasts, which are all about “getting better together”. It’s a venue for leaders of accounting firms to exchange ideas with other accountants who, like them, work with team members offshore.


Outsourced accountants handle sales, invoicing, cashflow, payables and receivables, data entry, financial business advice and more. Our purpose is to help you scale efficiently in every phase of your business cycle by providing high-performance outsourced accountants and bookkeepers with the knowledge to help your business run even better. Global talent solutions to increase their billable hours and deliver superb service to their clients. Our global teams stay on top of latest developments and technologies in the accounting industry through customized, industry-led and recognized qualifications. Scale efficiently in every phase of your business cycle with highly-skilled outsourced accountants with the knowledge to help your business run even better. At TOA Global, we’re looking at the long term and what I mean by that is we want people to have a career with us and stay with us for a long time.

VAs tackle many day-to-day tasks to free up time and relieve pressure. They are typically used to manage calendars, general office admin, travel arrangements and meeting schedules. Outsource administrative tasks like data entry, CRM maintenance, reporting and ad hoc activities. Complete the form to book a free strategy planning session with our local account executive. Driven professionals do best in a workspace that fosters productivity and provides ample room for short breaks of recreation or rest. Accounting and finance professionals who always learn are finding a seat at the table—and savvy business leaders are listening.

TOA Global is a holistic outsourcing solution for accounting and bookkeeping firms large and small across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. Our teams of Philippines-based finance specialists seamlessly fill over 100 roles across all four countries. I’ve learned how to deal with conflict and how to thrive in a competitive industry. I’ve also learned how to work towards the company’s goals and manage client needs. As a team leader, I’ve grown to understand how to best approach and handle concerns within the team. It’s always great to work with a company that understands the importance of supporting and investing in its people as well as rewarding them for going beyond job expectations.

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Finding elite professionals who match your requirements and fit your company culture is just the beginning. Consent I agree to the privacy policy and terms & conditions.

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During his time at TOA Global, Andrew has worked his way up to a leadership position as the head of a team working for a client in Melbourne, Australia. Bring in the most talented people in your social circle and be rewarded when they become part of our global team. TOA Global’s Flexible Holiday Swap Scheme is an option you can take if you want your team members’ public holidays to be more closely aligned with the ones in your region. If your team members agree to this scheme, they’ll swap the following Philippine public holidays for your local public holidays. We supercharge the payment of clients’ creditor invoices in an accurate, efficient and timely manner in compliance with financial policies.

  • As an SMSF accountant, I enjoy the flow of work and the process we have in place.
  • We understand the local market, firms and talent to provide tailored solutions clearly and efficiently.
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  • It begins with a shared commitment among exceptional individuals to dream big, take ownership of what we do, and go the extra mile, always.
  • The only way to do that is by making sure they’re enjoying what they do, have adequate recuperation, and have that work life balance.

As an SMSF accountant, I enjoy the flow of work and the process we have in place. We have four Filipinos on our team and the support we get from our client in Melbourne is great. An additional 30% loading on your team members’ daily rate applies if they will be required to work on dates that fall under this category. Please note there may be additional 2023 special non-working holidays announced at short notice.

It’s more likely they’re looking for a clearer pathway to learning and growth. One way that busy accounting business leaders can make time for practices like this is to use the right tech, such as TOA Global’s people management platform Atlas. One of our clients mentioned in the Sydney Big Breakfast that one of their rituals is a 10-minute catch-up at the start of each workday. This gives them a chance to make sure that their offshore team members’ tech is working and that everyone has the answers, tools and directions they need for that day’s tasks. TOA Global’s Chief Revenue Officer Kelly Segat began the conversation by pointing out that accounting firms would be wise to lean toward quiet thriving, rather than quiet quitting or The Great Contemplation.

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🎯In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the RIGHT thing, the next best thing is the WRONG thing, and the worst thing you can do is NOTHING. —Theodore Roosevelt🎯 Sensitivity is not the prerogative of human only 😊 Agree? Follow Raj Gupta#rajlearnings#whatinspiresme #mindfulness #jobs #personaldevelopment #hiringandpromotion Video Rights and credit are reserved for respective owner. All referrals and promo details are subject to review at the company’s discretion. You will get 50% of the incentive when referrals are hired and successfully reach their third month with a client at TOA Global. The remaining 50% will be paid if they stay for as long as six months.

We understand the local market, firms and talent to provide tailored solutions clearly and efficiently. Take your accounting career to a higher level through the Accelerator Program SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) track. Master the essential skills to become a Generalist Accountant, supporting either Australian or US-based businesses. Earn up to ₱45,000 while you train, secure a global career in accounting or bookkeeping, and enjoy a salary increase once you start working with your client. To name a few, I value the training days the most, as well as showing the client around tourist spots in Manila, Pampanga, and other places where we can enjoy time outside of work. Andrew is an SMSF accountant and has been a TOA Global team member for over seven years.

Hiring managers, interviewers or anyone involved in the recruitment process and hiring decision. If you have questions about these holiday options, your Client Relationship Manager is ready to assist. This holiday category is set by law and observed nationwide due to its significant cultural, national, and religious importance.