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As for the technology, the source code of the project will also be assessed, together with documentation made available on Github. Newer projects will be rated based on the integrity of code and documentation, while mature ones will be assessed based on the quality of their project community, efficiency and developer feedback. There are still a lot of Chinese citizens wanting to circumvent the government’s capital controls to move money offshore. As the crypto market transitions from a wild casino to an emerging market, it represents a significant opportunity for financial intermediaries, he said. It is high time that professional service providers enter the market, in which more than 90 percent of the 1600-odd initial coin offerings issued so far are scams, Liu said.

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Clipper is a decentralized built for self-made traders instead of hedge funds. Clipper was designed to give traders the best prices anywhere for their small trades (under $10,000) on the pairs they trade the most. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Liu had a long tenure on Wall Street running multi-billion hedge portfolios for DE Shaw, Brenan Hovard, UBS and Bank of America. Amongst his track record after returning to his native China include starting mainland’s first hedge fund. Over the last day, Clipper Coin Capital has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 8 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being .

“We have adapted multiple arbitrages and quantitative strategies to major cryptocurrencies and their derivatives with notable success. To the right of the address bar, click the icon with 3 stacked horizontal lines. The table above shows the number of days which Clipper Coin closed above a certain price level.

Clipper Coin Capital Basics

Distributed ledger technology has tremendous long-term potential, Liu said, particularly for banks and insurance companies to become leaner and more efficient, though there have so far been limited real-world applications in this space. Clipper claims to have been founded by a team of Wall Street finance professionals, backed by a Silicon Valley VC, and a founding member of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association. The table above shows the price and ROI of Clipper Coin today and previous years on the same date . Coin clipping was a widespread practice, one in which both Jews and Christians indulged, and which led to a financial crisis in the kingdom. (One contemporary chronicle estimated that, overall, the practice reduced currency’s value to one-half its face value.) By 1275, coin clipping had been elevated to the status of capital crime.

This measurement involves the initial rating of a cryptocurrency-based project, as well as the probability of it continuing its existence. The methodology involves checking the project’s and whitepaper, draft proposals, value proposition, and presentations. The team will focus on detecting plagiarism, forgery, exaggerated claims and lower a project’s rating accordingly.

  • On November 17, 1278, all the Jews of England were subjected to arrest and search of their homes on suspicion of coin clipping and counterfeiting.
  • needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
  • As the crypto sector grows in size and maturity, firms such as CCC stand poised to capture a chunk of the investment banking and research business, particularly in Asia, which has so far been the locomotive of the crypto industry.
  • ClipperX Rating is the platform’s service dedicated to helping the crypto investors recognize high-quality crypto assets and protecting them from falling into a trap of misdirected investments.

All projects will be given an “audience rating”, based on the aggregation of ratings awarded to a project by the ClipperX Rating teams. Finally, the Clipper Coin platform’s operation is supported by the ClipperX Investment Bank which operates as a dedicated crypto-focused investment bank. Its portfolio includes traditional banking services for the ICO and investment markets, token investors, project teams, etc.

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If you extrapolate the data, you can get a potential picture of the future price for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027. As a part of its ratings benchmark, CCC has created five-grade systems each for the coins that are already listed on the exchanges in the secondary market and for those their ICO stages in the primary market. Clipper Coin Capital and Axis Capital Management Limited has launched Clipper Axis Digital Asset Fund, a new multi-strategy cryptocurrency hedge fund, which is also one of Asia’s first crypto-only hedge funds.

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We making a forecast of future prices for huge amount of digital coins like Clipper Coin with technical analysis methods. These investments recognize the potential for financial intermediaries like CCC to bring value to a market that remains chaotic and opaque, and regulatory frameworks haphazard and nascent. Analyse the actual information or ask financial consultant for help before making investment or trading decisions. aggregates data from different sources and it is not responsible for any missing or incorrect information. If you are trying to find cryptocurrencies with good return, you should explore the maximum of available sources of information about Clipper Coin in order to make such a responsible decision about the investment by yourself. Liu believes that the majority of crypto currency projects are likely to fail in the future, but there will be a handful of winners that ultimately earn eye-popping valuations.

“The goal is to create a premier investment bank for the cryptocurrency market, akin to the Goldman Sachs of the crypto sector,” he said. He spent nearly two decades managing quantitative hedge funds for such Wall Street names as DE Shaw, UBS and Brevan Howard. The Clipper Coin experts will interview and evaluate crypto project teams based on their ability to meet deadlines, offer stability, and ensure consistency of their qualifications, references, and previous professional records.

In this context, it is hard for the well-meaning investors to acquire correct predictions on the market trends such as price movements, which poses a risk for them to suffer losses from potential crypto market bubbles. To counter this, the Clipper Coin team wants to establish itself as a credible financial institution capable of performing large scale data analyses, doing independent investment research and reporting on the state of the crypto market. In addition, it offers to take care of the crypto asset management and hedge fund services, which are often seen as a time-consuming and demanding efforts by the investors. This is supposed to promote the crypto market’s long-term and healthy development, bringing it closer to the standards and practices which exist in traditional financial markets. The second service at the disposal of crypto investors is ClipperX Capital, which operates as a cryptocurrency broker and dealer platform tasked with providing assistance to investors.

Clipper Coin Capital (CCC)

CCCX tokens are available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinsuper and IDCM. The project’s CEO is Zhen Liu, a hedge fund manager and a banker behind the Clipper Coin Capital bank. Liu has worked for the Bank of America and UBS, inspiring his vision for the Clipper Coin to become “the Goldman Sachs” of cryptocurrency sector and introduce some order to what is sometimes perceived as its casino-like operations. The firm is in the process of establishing its investment banking operations in both Hong Kong and the United States. As the crypto sector grows in size and maturity, firms such as CCC stand poised to capture a chunk of the investment banking and research business, particularly in Asia, which has so far been the locomotive of the crypto industry.

This is achieved by offering a rating system which uses artificial intelligence algorithms that help the company’s experts assess and grade various cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings . Liu, who spent almost two decades in the hedge fund business on Wall Street, working for UBS, DE Shaw and Brevan Howard, believes that nine out of ten initial coin offerings are scams. «The goal is to create a premier investment bank for the cryptocurrency market, akin to the Goldman Sachs of the crypto sector,» Clipper Coin Capital’s CEO told the «AsiaSentinel». Launched in 2018, the Clipper Coin platform is promoted as a comprehensive financial solution to all of those seeking their place in the crypto “gold rush”. To that effect, the platform became a foundation of the ecosystem which encompasses several components, including ClipperX Rating, ClipperX Capital, and ClipperX Investment Bank. All of these operate as parts of the Clipper Coin Capital enterprise, which offers a range of financial services tailored to the specific needs of the cryptocurrency markets.

Its team will handle a detailed analysis of a particular project, its accompanying documentation and make recommendations based on it. At the same time, the token project teams will be offered a range of financial, advisory and legal services services to help their projects convince investors of their regularity and financial soundness more easily. Clipper Coin wants to offer professional-grade financial assistance in the crypto market which is still plagued by high levels of volatility. The Clipper Coin team describes the existing crypto market as being dominated by “speculators and volatility”.

The increasingly connected crypto market is faced with an overflow of a huge amount of information. Its rise was followed by the influx in the number of speculators who present poorly prepared and manipulative projects aimed at extracting money from the investors. Under current market conditions, however, most retail investors are likely to suffer losses, just like in any other financial markets. But that does not mean crypto investment should be limited to institutional investors.

Clipper Coin Price Closing History by Level

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After all, cryptocurrency is, by definition, meant to create a decentralized free-market. Indeed, what the cryptocurrency market aims to do is to upend both government and regulators, not the agents of free markets, such as investment banks and broker-dealers. Clipper describes itself as a decentralized financial ecosystem that provides crypto banking, asset management, and brokerage services. Clipper Coin Capital is a financial ecosystem that provides crypto-market players with professional financial services through ClipperX Rating, ClipperX Capital and ClipperX Investment Bank.

It is used to encourage community participation, incentivize independent experts and analysts, and make payments within the Clipper Coin Capital ecosystem. Independent experts will be able to use the Market to establish a name for themselves, based on their work on evaluating projects from the crypto market. In return for their work, they will be paid in CCCX, as well as receive tips by the investors who can check out their project ratings and published reports.

Those who could afford it, and who had a patron at the royal court, could buy their way out of their punishment, and there are records of Jews who purchased pardons for themselves. On the other hand, there is little evidence of Jews taking up a royal offer to convert to Christianity – who were soon obligated to attend regular sermons by Dominican priests – as a means of saving their lives. On November 17, 1278, all the Jews of England were subjected to arrest and search of their homes on suspicion of coin clipping and counterfeiting. Eventually, some 680 were imprisoned in the Tower of London, where it is believed that more than 300 were actually executed in 1279.

The rest of the team involves professionals from diverse fields, ranging from the blockchain and fintech to marketing and systemic integration. Some of them have professional experience with Wall Street, the IBM Watson Research Center and China’s capital markets. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. This calculation shows how much cryptocurrency can cost if we assume that their capitalization will behave like the capitalization of some Internet companies or technological niches.